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2020 Poetry Competition Prizewinner Announced!

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating Bryn Evans, whose poem “Thotiana’s interlude, or Barbara Mason reconsiders settling down” was nominated as our 2020 Poetry Competition prizewinner by judge Robyn Schiff! Read this brilliant poet’s award-winning piece in our Spring 2020 issue being released TOMORROW! And keep your eyes peeled for an interview with the amazing Bryn Evans herself coming out in the next few days.

2020 Poetry Competition Runner Up Announced!

Our heartiest congratulations to Sidney Eberly, whose poem “The Sidewalk Queen” has been announced as a runner up in The Columbia Review’s 2020 Poetry Competition by judge Robyn Schiff! You can read “The Sidewalk Queen” below: The Sidewalk QueenSidney Eberly2020 Poetry Prize Runner-up, selected by Robyn SchiffA carpet dawn of pink and red poppiesclogs the shower drain, the sink.It’s a hazardous everywhere and no meansof participation, fire or friendly, the dogasks if I lift my hind leg to piss everything away, will it sound pretty?Why not. A poet told me to never answera question asked in a poem, but insteadI…