Water Lilies after Monet

And light—

my paint liquid light—

the pale flush of rose

lustrous daffodil yellow

lilac blue and

soft electric silver

warm blaze

colored oil glowing light—

shimmering green    mesmerizing

blurring    deep and nebulous

sheer light


and all I feel is moment…

here hazy and    bleary glinting of clouds

limpid sapphire flashing sky

whirling cloud-strokes

water tingling mauve


rippling ephemeral



petal on petal   genesis from emerald

gorgeous pink lilies    verdant whorls

a joy to the eye

blurring   dripping light


how do I paint what’s before me?

fading vision    can’t transport the instant

only the faint image of feeling

but better to capture the feeling than form

oh pure sensation    shimmering into moment everlasting


If you seek me

I too am

roses     lilies

misty green reeds

swishing    slender bodies

melting into




Callum Kiser is a sophomore studying English in Columbia College. If he could have his dream job, he’d be a stage actor, but in the meantime he’s content performing theater numbers upon individual request. Callum hails from Chatsworth, California, home of the Cowboy Palace Saloon, Stoney Point rock formation, and the now-defunct Candy Cat gentleman’s club. He’s happy to be in New York.